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The List of Chocolate Gift Ideas for Kids Event

Raise your hand if you feel like kids have too many toys these days! As parents (or aunts/uncles or grandparents or friends!) I’m sure many of us can look around and wonder where all this stuff came from.

Some studies suggest that too many toys and things do not create the best situation for a kid’s development, and other studies say that experiences are more valuable for development than things. Experiences help create memories, build bonds with friends and family, provide physical activity and a learning opportunity, and can even help create lifelong areas of interest.

Experiences don’t have to break the bank — they can be super fun while being completely affordable, and they make great gifts for kids, whether you are planning your own kid’s party or going to their friends. The gift of an experience is often a welcome change for parents, too!

And since we talk a lot about chocolate here, we’ve compiled some great ideas that combine chocolate gifts and kid events. We hope you enjoy these suggestions.

Treasure Hunt

Much like an Easter egg hunt, a treasure hunt will keep kids entertained (for at least a little while). Using chocolate gold coins or other delicious treats, hide them around the house or yard and watch the little ones go hunting for the treasures.

If they are having trouble with the ones hidden in more difficult locations, give them “warmer” and “colder” cues until they find them. This idea works extra well with a pirate themed birthday party.

Scavenger Hunt

For kids a little older who are at a more advanced reading and problem solving age, a scavenger hunt is a great activity. It takes some planning (or make it easy on yourself and find a pre-made one online and tweak it to suit your needs). and it can be as simple or complex as you’d like.

Keeping with the pirate theme, you could make the hunt a trail of gold chocolate coins with the final prize a treasure chest of them. (This also works well with the ever popular mermaid theme.)

Finger painting

With chocolate, of course! While this might sound like a mess at first, what isn’t when it comes to kids’ events? Throw on a smock, heat some chocolate in the microwave and set the kids in front of an easel. Since it is something they don’t normally get to do, they will have a great time with this activity.

Baking class

Even fairly young kids can take a baking class, and have fun doing it! Even young kids who can’t quite read yet are able to join a parent or guardian for this activity, and they might surprise you with how quickly they pick it up.

Baking provides a great learning experience that involves focus and creativity, while giving the kids a huge sense of accomplishment and a fun treat at the end. And the added potential bonus that they may want to start baking at home is worth it!

Build your own Sundae

A classic that never gets old, letting kids build their own ice cream sundaes is a great way to allow them some independence while doing something fun. Include some tried and true ingredients like sprinkles and chocolate sauce, and sneak in some healthy options like chopped bananas and strawberries.

And you can make it extra special by ordering some custom chocolate treats that have the kid’s name or initials laser engraved onto them. Kids really do love this kind of activity and it makes them feel extra special.

Restaurant or Dessert Shop

For some kids, going out to eat is a very special experience, especially when they get to choose what they want. It’s that feeling of being grown up — ordering off the menu and getting special treatment. Giving kids a gift card for a desert shop or taking them out for a meal is always a fun bonding experience. (If you bring a group of kids, just remember to tip your server well!)

Customized chocolate

If you are simply a bystander or visitor at a kids’ event, a custom chocolate is always a great gift option. You can order online from a huge array of options to create a totally customizable chocolate experience for the kids. From the packaging to the shape of the chocolate, to a message or picture directly onto the chocolate.

Or you can include the young one to help design their own chocolate with you, they are likely tech savvy enough to help! Once it’s completed, the chocolate will be delivered in the mail, which is a whole other very cool experience for kids. Like we said, kids love to have things customized for them and feel special and unique.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

The main event of any birthday party is bringing out the cake with candles and singing Happy Birthday. And when a child gets a special cake just for them, it’s usually a pretty memorable experience. If you are looking to do something special for a great kid in your life, consider get a custom chocolate cake for their birthday.

Even the gift of chocolate in any form is different than a toy that will be played with a few times and then forgotten about. With chocolate, a kid can unwrap and enjoy it. And yes, the kids might have a sugar high, followed by an epic sugar crash, but isn’t that part of the deal with kids events?

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