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Corporate and Business Holiday Gift Giving — a few tips

The holiday giving season is going to be upon us before we know it, it’s always a good idea to do what you can to take the stress out of the holidays. We know that the holiday season can sometimes be a roller coaster, so taking some extra steps to smooth out the ride is well worth the effort.

Especially when it comes to corporate or business gift buying. This area of gift giving follows a different set of rules than buying for family, friends, or loved ones. Deciding what kind of gift to give an executive or business VIP requires a different thought process than the gift you are going to give your niece or best friend.

We’ve come up with a list of helpful hints that you can check off one by one to help make the process of corporate and business gift buying for the executive/ company president/ VIP in your life a little easier.

Create a Budget (and stick to it)

Whether you run your own business or are arranging personalized business gifts on behalf of your boss, having a budget is key to reducing stress and being efficient. A budget automatically narrows down the options, and keeps you from going overboard or getting overwhelmed. Sometimes parameters are a very good thing!

You may have already incorporated a gift giving budget into your yearly financials so you are already set. If you are in the budget planning phase, consider setting up different financial tiers. This can help determine what you will spend on those clients or employees who generate more money for your company, or for high level executives you want to impress. Plus it will make sure you include some spending money for all those extra folks that you want to do something nice for.

A tiered budget will be helpful if you are ordering online. Say for example you have decided to hand out customized chocolate or personalized candy to your associates this year. You can order these online in bulk, which allows your money to go further. Plus you can customize the fanciness of your gifts, with small boxes of high quality chocolates on one end, to personalized gift baskets for the upper echelon. Plus they can help take care of shipping if the gift is going across the country, or you can save on shipping costs if they are all going to be delivered to the office.

Having a budget and sticking to it helps keep things organized and easy. It’s a great time to break out those spreadsheet skills and get to work.

Go the Extra Mile with a Personalized Gift

There’s a certain deflation of spirit that happens when you receive a gift that was clearly bought or gathered in a last minute panic. Something like a generic box of chocolates you saw on sale from the drug store or a gift card that has last year’s branding on it.

It is really worth the effort to personalize a gift, even if you are buying them in bulk and they are going to acquaintances or business associates. You can still find ways to make the gifts thoughtful.

One great way is to customize chocolates with your business logo or branding on them, or to have a custom message laser engraved into the chocolate. A high quality chocolate that says Thank You or Happy Holidays has that extra touch and is far superior that a low quality cellophane wrapped whatever that may have come from the discount bin.

You can also customize the packaging that the personalized candy or chocolate comes in. This way, the recipients have a reminder of how much they are appreciated long after the chocolate has been consumed. There are companies that have online tools that make this process easy, all you have to do is upload an image or choose from their options.

A customized gift is always a good way to impress people, even those hard-to-buy-for executives and VIPs.

Plan ahead

There’s nothing that says you can’t start now to get your holiday gift giving going. The more you can do today means the less you will have to do as the holidays near. That means more time enjoying the festivities and less time running around.

Plus, aren’t you always a little jealous of those people who say, “I’ve had my shopping done for weeks.” You can be that person (you really can!).

Planning ahead includes following the aforementioned budget idea, and shopping around for great ideas. You want to stay ahead of the curve.

If you’ve had good experience with a company in the past, you can always revisit them again, with slight updates. Take the customized chocolate example from above. They will have your files on hand and all you have to do is update the message to reflect the past year.

It will also be easy to see who you gave to last year and what they received, and since you have that organized spreadsheet, all you have to do is review and make a few adjustments. It’s an incredibly simple way to get all of your business gift giving in order long before the stress of the holidays is upon you. Plus you can do this long in advance so that it is done and dusted, giving you plenty of free time to start planning that holiday party!

We hope this helps! Business and corporate gift giving, even for the CEO or VIP executive gift doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful, as long as you have a plan and some foresight, you will be able to check it off your list and relax and enjoy the season ahead.

Happy gift giving and a holiday season!

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