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Custom Chocolate Candy Bars for Business and Branding

Businesses today don’t have it easy when they are trying to get noticed, there is a lot of competition out there. It usually takes something really inventive to stand out from the crowd, but it can be a difficult balance to find. There’s a fine line between shouting to get attention, possibly annoying or turning people off in the process, and earning people’s respect with something unique and thoughtful.

For brand awareness, we think that longevity and high quality tactics are more important than flash-in-the-pan antics. That’s great advice, you might be thinking, but how do you actually achieve that?!

With chocolate, of course. But not just any chocolate. High quality custom chocolate candy bars that are designed and created with your precise business messaging.

Still not sure it’s the right path for you? Here are some of the reasons why we think that custom chocolate candy bars hit the bulls eye when it comes to brand awareness and building customer relationships.

Returning customers

Good business happens when your customers keep coming back, spreading the word to their friends along the way. Customer loyalty is impossible to put a price on, and can be really difficult to get. People usually only come back if they have had a pleasant experience — and it’s tough to repair a relationship if a customer has had a bad interaction.

It often doesn’t take much for a customer to become loyal to your business, but they have to feel cared about and listened to. We aren’t saying that you can buy your customers loyalty with a custom candy bar, but it can build a bridge and offer the message that they are important to you. As a customer yourself, have you ever thought: That was a nice touch after doing business with a company?

Sometimes it’s a simple as a small delicacy, and one that is clearly more expensive and thoughtful makes the customer feel that they are important. When you see that the company has invested back into their clients’ happiness, they are far more likely to be loyal to that company.

So, don’t underestimate the power of unique gestures like handing out custom chocolate candy bars when communicating and doing business with your clients.

Brand Awareness

Have you ever done one of those online quizzes where you are shown just a chocolate logo to see how many you can identify? They’re interesting to do, especially if you are in the business of increasing your brand awareness. Why is it that you can recognize some logos but not others?

Getting your customers to recognize your brand, even when it’s out of context or without accompanying text, is not something that happens overnight. The companies that achieve this are very strategic and take the time to build an association with their company and their company’s message.

One excellent way to increase your brand awareness is to create an association, and igniting your customers’ and clients’ taste buds with a chocolate candy bar, while emblazoning your brand on it is one surefire way to create brand awareness! Brand awareness is like customer loyalty — it pays to be persistent and have a high quality approach.

Marketing on a budget

Who doesn’t want to do some cost effective marketing? Have you ever looked into the price of a billboard? Or a 10 second tv commercial? Depending on the size of your business, even an advertisement in the newspaper on an online campaign might be out of reach for your marketing budget.

If you order custom candy bars in bulk, they practically pay for themselves. Companies generally offer discounts the more you order, so consider that when thinking about your purchase.

We love “guerrilla marketing” techniques that are clever and thoughtful, and if you don’t have a huge marketing budget, custom chocolate candy bars are a great way to go. Especially if you have a unique and memorable logo to both engrave on the chocolate and print on the packaging — you are going to make a lasting impression for a reasonable price.

Everyone loves candy

Even in the modern world when people are on diets we can’t even pronounce, almost everyone likes to indulge in a treat from time to time. But the calories have to be worth it!

That’s why we think it’s so important that if you are going to give out custom chocolate candy bars, they should be made of high quality ingredients and be absolutely decadent. It also shows that you care about quality in all respects. Giving out poor quality chocolate doesn’t convey a very positive message about the kind of business you do.

A customer receiving a piece of customized Belgian chocolate might even break their no sugar rule! Because everyone loves candy!

It’s deliciously fun… plain and simple

Yes, business is serious business, and we don’t want to take away from all the hard work that goes into creating or running one. But it’s also a good idea to bring some joy into the daily grind. Life is for living, you know?

The world and the never ending stream of not great news can be a little overwhelming these days. So why not bring some light and joy into the world whenever you can. Hand out chocolate candy bars! Have your company logo engraved on them! Give them out freely and bring a little happiness to those around you.

Of course, we are slightly biased when it comes to what chocolate can do — but it’s the age old solution to any modern problem. Even in the business world, a custom chocolate candy bar can build bridges, capture attention in a crowded field, and bring some happiness to the world.

So why not try something new because what have you got to lose? Visit

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