Christmas is the best season to market your business with chocolate

Market Your Business with Chocolate This Holiday Season

The holidays are one of the best opportunities to market your business. People are ready to spend! And they are always looking for new ideas for gifts for friends, family, as well as work associates. If you own your own business or are involved with marketing, this is the perfect time to strike — especially if you have a new idea for a campaign.

It’s important to remember though that while the holiday season is a great time to launch a marketing campaign, it is also a very crowded environment. You will be competing with all the other businesses with deals and promotions, as well as charities who are pulling on heartstrings (and purse strings).

So you need to be strategic in what you offer, to whom, and how you can reach your built-in audience while attracting new clients.

It sounds complicated, and it can be! So it’s important to keep things simple. And the best way to do that (in our humble opinion) is with chocolate.

Marketing with chocolate is an excellent way to spread the word about your business. It is basically impossible to resist, and marketing with chocolate can come in lots of different, interesting, and creative forms. Read on for some ideas on how!

Market Your Business with Chocolate

Custom Chocolates

You can order custom chocolate for business marking in a variety ways. Whatever you choose, the most exciting thing is that you can have your corporate logo engraved directly onto them.

Options include chocolate bars (more on that next), chocolate coins, or chocolate gift towers. It’s the perfect way to spread brand awareness into the minds of others.

(If you want to do something really special for a business client that you are trying to impress, have their corporate logo engraved directly onto chocolate. This is a great way to steward a relationship and potentially seal a future business deal.)

We digress. Customizing chocolate with your business logo is an idea that will really stick in the minds of people. You can hand them out with a cheque or invoice, or have a complimentary bowl of customized chocolates if you have a storefront. Or you can do some guerrilla marketing and hand out chocolates at a busy intersection or transit hub to reach a new swath of potential clients or customers.

Classic Belgian Chocolate Bar

For something a little more targeted, let’s talk about the tried and true chocolate bar. You can custom engrave your logo directly onto your choice of chocolate Belgian milk, dark, or white chocolate. You are also free to design the packaging, the shape of the chocolate, so you can really let your creative marking juices flow.
There are endless possibilities to make it a full-blown marketing experience. By customizing the wrapping, you can give your potential clients/customers a full sensory experience. Printed in high resolution with bright, bold colors, who can resist?

Chocolate Business Card

This unique idea flips the script on the idea of a business card. And isn’t it about time the classic business card got a little update? And a delicious one at that? Chocolate business cards come in your choice of delicious Belgian milk or dark chocolate, depending on your taste or what goes best with your business. These brilliant marketing tools come engraved with your business contact info directly onto the chocolate.

And don’t worry that your digits will be lost once the chocolate is quickly enjoyed. Chocolate business card comes packaged in a high quality packaging so that your information will live on.

Corporate Chocolate Gift Box

For the big clients in your life, a great way to market your company is with a tiered chocolate tasting box. A step up from your typical box of chocolates that you can find on the grocery store shelves, a chocolate gift box is a great way to direct market your brand.

More than just a box of chocolates and a different spin on traditional gift baskets, a chocolate gift box combines the excitement of an array of delicious high-quality chocolates and treats and packages them beautifully. You can get single, double or triple-tiered delicacies. The gift receiver will get to open box after box to see what’s waiting inside, discovering a new delicious treat with each layer.

A Chocolate Gift Basket

A chocolate gift basket might sound a little dated, but really, that’s part of what makes it special. You can include all kinds of swag with your logo, including custom chocolates, and other goodies. Again, this is more for direct marketing purposes to the bigger clients in your Rolodex, but it will be very effective in spreading your brand awareness. Especially if it’s to another business, who can then disseminate it to their network of employees.

Marketing is all about spreading awareness and creating a buzz. One of the best examples in recent history was the KitKat – Chunky Chocolate Bar.

To promote their new chocolate bar — a solid one-piece chocolate bar as opposed to the classic “break me off” sticks, the company sent a mailer to a targeted audience. The note claimed that there was a package waiting the recipient, but that it could not be delivered because it was “too chunky for your letterbox”. The recipients were able to take the notes in to get a free chocolate bar.

This campaign was wildly successful. And while of course you don’t likely have the means or reach to pull off a stunt like this, maybe it will plant a seed for your own interesting, chocolate marketing campaign. Because you know what they say: “Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.”

If you want to market your business with chocolate, there are many online chocolate stores that can customize it for you.

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