chocolate is one of the best options for back to school gift

Back to School Chocolate Gift Ideas

Back to school brings with it a lot of preparation and emotions. Especially this year!

For students, it can be a really exciting time to see friends and teachers they haven’t seen all summer. It’s also a time where the seasons are changing, making it feel like a time to buckle down and get some routine back in life.

It can also be nerve-wracking, especially if a student is entering a new school, or is facing new classes, subjects, and other challenges. And then there’s the excitement that comes with shopping for school supplies and new outfits. No matter what, back-to-school time is usually abuzz with energy!

That’s why it can be really great to think about back-to-school gift ideas — for the student or teacher (or both!) in your life.

And, no surprise here, we think that chocolate makes the absolute perfect back-to-school gift. Why is that? Well, chocolate is universally loved, comes in many forms and flavours, is customizable, and it’s both quick and easy and super thoughtful.

Here are some of our favourite back-to-school chocolate gift ideas.

Favourite Back-to-school Chocolate Gift Ideas

For the Teacher

Teachers work incredibly hard throughout the year, keeping children and youth safe and engaged. And coming back into the classroom after a couple of months off is stressful, even if it is exciting.

We know that there is a tradition to give teachers apples, but are apples really making anyone happy? At this point, we think that something a little stronger, like chocolate, is in order. So here are some back-to-school gift ideas especially for the teacher.

1. Box of High-quality Chocolates

Often reserved for holidays, a box of chocolates placed on the teacher’s desk on the first day of school will get the year going off in the right direction. A box of chocolates can be enjoyed throughout the day and shared with colleagues. It’s worth investing in some high-end chocolates to let the teacher know just how appreciated they are.

2. Jar of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious chocolate chip cookies capture the spirit of back to school. They travel well, keep well, and are a great dessert and snack for lunch or a mid-afternoon pick me up. Make sure they are made with high quality, melt in your mouth ingredients because they’re nothing better than biting into a soft, gooey, chocolate chip cookie.

3. Personalized Chocolate Bar

Teachers spend so much time getting to know each and every one of their students, and yet they remain pretty mysterious. Let the teachers know that they are seen by getting a custom chocolate bar made with their name and a message engraved into it. This will be a great way to kick off the year!

For the Student

Back-to-school jitters are normal for students — especially if they are moving schools or if there are new situations that might cause stress. Even if you try to prepare, there are still going to be surprises along the way. So getting a back-to-school gift for the students in your life is going to help calm the nerves and bring about some joy.

1. Custom Chocolates

Kids especially love seeing their names personalized on things. You can order a custom chocolate bar with the student’s name and the grade they are going into, with a “Good Luck!” message on it. A special gift like this will be sure to put a smile on their face and get them excited for the year ahead.

2. Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Keeping some gourmet hot chocolate on stock for the perfect after-school snack is a great way to sit down and connect with a kid. Brewing up a hot mug of delicious hot chocolate is the perfect ice breaker for the student to be able to relax and open up about what’s going on at school. Plus it’s just a nice treat on a chilly fall day and the perfect way for a kid to feel like they are special and seen.

3. Surprise Chocolate Snack

If you are sending your kid to school with a homemade lunch, or even if they buy their lunch at school, slipping a delicious chocolate snack into their backpack is a fun idea. They’ll find it unexpectedly when they are digging around in their bag, or when they open their lunch, and the special treat just might turn their day around. Plus if they are trying to make new friends, having chocolate to share is a great way to bond with others.

Who knows what the school year has in store? It kind of feels like anything is possible, so it’s important to be able to go with the flow. And one of the best ways to do that is to be able to stop and savor the little moments and the good things in life, no matter what challenges you are facing. Both students and teachers have a lot on their minds this year, and so do parents!

Chocolate always helps. Sharing chocolate is a great way to build bonds and it’s the perfect gift for anyone in a stressful situation. It’s also a small and easy way to say Thank You, or We’re in This Together!

If you are looking for the perfect back-to-school gift, why not think out of the box and buy some high-quality delicious chocolate for the teacher or student in your life. It’s a surefire way to let someone know you care.

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