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Ideas for a personalized chocolate wedding

Wedding season is soon upon us and every year we see new, innovative and creative trends emerge. Brides and grooms are constantly coming up with exciting and inventive ways to customize their weddings and make them unique and memorable.

One of the best ways to do that is to customize different elements, from the guestbook to the wedding favors to the ceremony itself – and the possibilities are endless! We especially love the idea of adding some sweet treats like customized chocolates for your guests to enjoy. Here are some of our favorite wedding ideas that add a touch of surprise, and that make the special day something no one will ever forget.

Illustrated napkins

This idea is so charming and fun! Sure, you can buy napkins from the store that are printed with a wedding theme, but why not take it to the next level and have a custom image printed instead? It could be the first photo the happy couple ever took together, or one from the engagement photo session, or anything that captures the story of the relationship. We love this idea for the element of surprise and simplicity!

Personalized chocolate

These days, personalized chocolate can be so much more than just a run-of-the-mill chocolate with the wedding date printed on the package. Customized chocolates have reached new levels of detail and deliciousness, and include laser engraved images and/or lettering and dates. You can also personalize the packaging that chocolates come in with gorgeous designs and prints. Personalized chocolate can take many forms at a wedding:
• Customized chocolate party favors with an image or words engraved into them for guests to take home and enjoy later
Chocolate wedding invitations or save-the-dates (Seriously! This idea is becoming more popular every year)
• A chocolate table full of dark, milk and white chocolate treats that guests can visit and customize their own goody bag
• Customized chocolates for the dessert course

Customized white chocolate wedding favors

This is really an extension of the idea above. Of course all of the above options can be done in white chocolate in keeping with the color palate of the wedding. White chocolate doesn’t always get the respect it deserves but customized white chocolate can add an element of class and beauty to a day of wedding festivities.


Thank goodness for nostalgia because Polaroids have come back on the scene in a big way, and who doesn’t love them?! While phone cameras have forever changed the photography landscape, every single person still gets excited when the Polaroid camera comes out. For a personalized touch at a wedding, you can leave one on every table to capture the excitement of the night, or have a couple of cameras at a table near the door so that guests can take pictures and place them in an extra special guest book, along with a message for the newlyweds.


We love this idea, too! How excited were you the last time you received a postcard in the mail? To make personalized postcard a part of your wedding, custom print a photo onto a blank postcard and pay for return postage. Leave one on each seat setting or set up a postcard stand like you would find in a gift shop. Ask your guests to take them home and fill them out, either with a memory from the wedding day, a piece of marriage advice, or a cute story that captures the spirit of the relationship, then encourage them drop them in the mail at some point in the future. The newlywed couple will be able to relive their magical day with every surprise postcard they receive in the mail.


There is always that one special quote that perfectly sums up how you feel about another person, or that feels like it was written or said just for you. Sometimes other people just say it better! Whether it is Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde or Rumi or a favorite musician, there are endless famous (and lesser known) quotes to choose from. And the options for personalizing them are endless, too! Have the chosen quote printed large scale and placed above the head table, or in a scroll to adorn each plate as the guest sits down. Or you can include the words in the ceremony and have the officiant read it out loud for all the guests to hear.


There is something special about putting things down on paper through the medium of a typewriter. You can set up a table with a typewriter and a stack of custom papers so that guests can type something special for the guests. This is a great and unique way to create the guestbook!

Personalized party favors

There are so many great ideas for customized party and wedding favors, some that are ultra modern and others that are classic and traditional. Here are some of our favorites:
• Create a playlist of the couple’s favorite songs and songs from the wedding day and upload them onto an online music streaming service. Give your guests the log in so they can enjoy the songs from anywhere
• Create packs of seeds or bulbs so that guests can plant them at home later. You can include wildflower seeds or even have a small sapling to be planted somewhere special and to mark the passage of time and as a reminder of the special day

We know that weddings can easily spiral out of control with all the planning that goes into them. But what’s really important is that the day reflects the personalities of the couple and that they are able to convey how much they love each other. All the rest is just extra (and easily forgotten!).

That’s why something like a personal party favor, a special quote or custom chocolates are a beautiful way to ensure that the message of love is shared and enjoyed by all.

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