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10 Popular Client Appreciation Gifts and Ideas in 2021

As a business owner, it’s important to spend some time thinking about your customers. What do they want and how can you keep them coming back? We can get so caught up in day-to-day operations that we forget how integral client appreciation is in business success.


Small gestures go a long way. Staying engaged and interactive with clients shows that you recognize and appreciate that they are spending their time and hard-earned money with you.

Going forward in 2021, client appreciation is going to stand out as many small businesses are working hard to navigate an uncertain economic climate.

So here are 10 popular client appreciation gifts and ideas that you’ll be seeing more of in 2021.


Ten Client Appreciation Gifts and Ideas

1. Hand Written Note

As we all spend more time at home, throwback arts and crafts are re-emerging. Think rug hooking, needlepoint, puzzle building, and handwriting letters and cards. Handwriting a thank you note is special because it implies time and care. Make sure to include something personal in the message and spell their name correctly! You can be sure your client will feel very appreciated.


2. Customized Chocolate

Order customized chocolates in bulk that says Thank You or that commemorate the day you started your business. Or maybe the chocolates have your logo engraved on them. Whatever creative vision you decide on, customized chocolates are sure to win your clients over. Send the chocolates out with a handwritten note or hand them out at your store or at a trade show or conference. High-quality customized chocolate is going to keep your clients coming back again and again.


3. VIP Pop Up Shop

For your loyal customers that live in your region, reward them with after-hours or a temporary pop-up shop that has exclusive access. There’s nothing that says “I appreciate you” more than a limited experience for those clients who have been with you from the beginning or for those who have bolstered your sales. Offer one-night-only discounts and make it a party atmosphere with music, drinks, and applies, and be sure to have some giveaways on hand (like customized chocolates, perhaps).


4. Social Media Networking

Engaging with your clients and customers on social media is a great way to show appreciation. Especially if they have a business or project of their own. Show your clients some love by featuring someone every week (make it a regular thing like #ClientAppreciationThursday) and tag them. This will show your audience that you are a thoughtful business owner who really does appreciate the support you receive, and it will go a long way for your reputation. Plus the more interactive you are on social media, the more exposure you will get so it’s a win-win-win.


5. Create a Thank You Video

People love to see the human side of a business, which is partly why thank you videos have really taken off and will continue to be a major trend for 2021. You don’t have to hire a professional team (but do research some tricks and tips to make it flattering and watchable). Giving your clients some exclusive access to behind the scenes of you as a business owner, your process, your studio or workspace — these things will help your customers feel connected to you and will help them remember your business the next time they need to spend money on whatever it is you’re selling.


6. Celebrate Milestones

Whether it is the anniversary of them becoming a client or their birthday, recognizing milestones in your clients’ lives is a meaningful way to show your appreciation. This will encourage you to keep clean and organized data, which will pay off in many ways as a business owner. You can even offer them a discount. For example, say you are a yoga studio, you can give your clients a free class to use during the week of their birthday. It’s a small token of appreciation that really makes clients feel good.


7. Make a Donation

To show that you care about the world around you, offer to make a donation in your clients’ names to a non-profit of their choice (maybe give them three options). It doesn’t have to be huge or for an extended period of time — 10% of the sales profit for a limited time throughout December, for example. But this shows that you are connected to your community and that you want to help build a bright future for everyone. Everyone wins with this kind of client appreciation offering!


8. Give an Upgrade

If your clients have shown up for your business again and again, maybe it’s time to give them a little boost in services. Maybe you run a hair salon and this can include an extra conditioning treatment the next time they come in, or perhaps you’re a photographer and can include an extra couple of edited photos in their package. You can customize according to your client, but an upgrade shows that you appreciate the loyal customers who have been with you all along.


9. Customized Swag

Much like customized chocolates, there are plenty of cool products you can customize for your clients. Socks, mugs, phone cases, sweatbands, holiday ornaments, tech gifts, and on and on. You don’t want to give your clients something low-quality or that is a waste of money for you, but something cool, classy, thoughtful, and customized as a great little giveaway for your bread and butter clients is an impactful way to say Thank You.


10. Saying Thank You

Seems pretty obvious, but reaching out with a simple phone call or email, or even a social media post, is a small and easy way to show client appreciation. Nothing extravagant, nothing flashy — just a heartfelt Thank You is all it takes to show you care about the clients helping your business thrive. Sometimes simple says it best.

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