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Advertise Your Logo on Luxury Chocolate

If you have taken the brave and exciting steps of launching a business, you know how much work goes into every aspect of it. It’s probably even more than you ever imagined! There is just so much to think about when running your own company, no matter the size of your business or the product or service you are selling.

One of the most thrilling and important parts of building a business is branding. Take your visual story for example — from the choice of colours and font to the design of the logo, you can tell your customers and clients a lot about what you are selling and why. As a result, it’s important that you carefully craft a concise and aesthetically pleasing logo graphic to visually represent your company. Otherwise, your company risks misrepresentation or could get lost in the competitive market. That’s why branding is so important and requires a lot of consideration. However, you can look forward to that exciting moment when you know you’ve landed on exactly the right thing.

Did you know that you can have your logo advertised by custom engraving it directly onto luxury chocolate?

It’s true — all the hard work and creativity it took to come up with your logo can be transferred directly onto high quality chocolate and used to connect with your customers and clients. There’s simply no sweeter way to go about it!


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Business marketing means taking those creative steps to stand out from the crowd and from the competition. Creativity is key for success in business marketing. Finding ways to put your product or service above the noise is the goal and using chocolate for business marketing is a brilliant way to differentiate your business from your competitors.

Creating Fully Custom Chocolate Gifts

How do you create fully custom and personalized chocolate gifts?

Totally Chocolate offers this service, and they make it easy to design, order, and  distribute your custom treats.

  • Customize Chocolate and Packaging. So that you can have your logo custom engraved directly on to your choice of delicious Belgian milk chocolates. They come in a wide array of options from chocolate bars to chocolate coins to chocolate towers. Plus you can have your packaging custom designed. As a result, your clients will be impressed from the moment they set their eyes on it.
  • Free Design Service. If you aren’t sure what would look best, there is no need to worry. You can contact them to take advantage of their free design service. You just need to have the digital files of your logo on hand and let the professionals help you create the perfect designs.
  • Shipping in 10 Business Days or Less. All it takes is a little bit of planning to get a really fast turnaround. You can have your custom designed chocolates delivered directly back to you, or have them conveniently delivered to your customers and clients. This is a great option if you have VIP clients across the country or internationally want to do something extra special for them.
  • Minimum Quantity as Low as 20. Don’t worry if buying in bulk is not right for you, there are low minimum order options available for customers who do not need to purchase large quantities of chocolate. Once you place your order and experience a custom chocolate gift for the first time, you might regret that you only bought 20 the first time around!

Why Chocolate?

Chocolate is a globally beloved treat. And you really can’t go wrong with high-quality, luxury chocolate.

Companies put a lot of money towards designers and agencies who spend hours crafting the perfect logo and branding. And when it’s done correctly, a company’s logo becomes the most efficient way to communicate a business’ values, products and culture. 

Think about some of the most recognizable logos out there: a good logo becomes synonymous with a successful business. Some famous logos are able to communicate great meaning about the product or service. All it takes is a simple design and just a few words. You can probably think of some global businesses that convey their brand’s whole “persona” with a simple image.

Now pair that with chocolate and you’ve got a winning situation. Chocolate is universally understood and enjoyed. The “language” of chocolate is known and shared by almost everyone; it is both nostalgic and enjoyed by those with refined palettes. People have their preferences, typically siding with dark or milk chocolate. However, almost everyone is familiar with the taste and is happy to receive a thoughtful, custom chocolate gift.

Chocolate also connects with the senses — it has a unique taste, and you can smell, touch, and see it. It evokes happy memories and makes your mouth water. Pair that with your company branding and you are suddenly a business marketing genius!

Thank your customers with a chocolate gift that they are going to appreciate for a long time to come; well after the chocolate has been enjoyed.  Don’t be surprised if they tell their friends and associates what a thoughtful, professional, successful business you run.

How to Use Custom Chocolate in Business Marketing?

Customized chocolate is the perfect way to promote your business. You can order in bulk and receive customized treats that have your company logo or personalized message on them. 

In any situation that requires you to stand out amongst the crowd, chocolate is a great idea. Many companies are using chocolate as a way to entice people at trade shows. You can stand out to trade show attendees with chocolate giveaways by having your logo engraved onto chocolate coins or bars (don’t worry, the custom packaging ensures that your logo won’t disappear forever).

You can also use chocolate in a social media giveaway, for instance. This encourages people to tag your shop and spread the word organically. Or you can hand out chocolates with your logo on the street to get people interested in what you’re selling. The possibilities are endless!

Chocolate for Success!

If you ask any successful business owner how they got to the top, there are usually a few common answers. They started with a great idea, partnered with people they trust, stayed focused, worked incredibly hard, and built relationships with clients, customers, suppliers, neighbours, even their competitors.

One of the best ways to build relationships is by pairing chocolate with your branding. You can use it to say thank you to your loyal customers and employees. Or you can used custom chocolate to help you stand out from the crowd. Above all else, we encourage you to give it a try and have fun while doing it – whatever your intention is.

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