chocolate is one of the popular client appreciate gift to your client

8 Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Clients and Employees in 2020

Client appreciation and corporate gifts can be an excellent way to convey a message about your brand and your method of doing business. Every brand tells a different story, whether it is a youthful, colourful, innovative product, or something steeped in tradition and class. Either way, showing your clients and corporate colleagues that you appreciate is a gesture that conveys a good business sense.


Your corporate gift-giving skills can leave a lasting impression, which can have an effect on your business long-term. Ideally, you want your gift to be thoughtful and unique, and definitely useful. And if you can add some personality, all the better.


It can be tough to come up with the right client appreciation gift. So, we’ve come up with some of the best and unique client appreciation gift ideas out there. (Yes, some of them will contain chocolate.)

Different Client Appreciation Gift Ideas

1. Something Tech/Gadget Related

There are so many cool gadgets out there that are actually useful. A portable charging station or extra battery for example, or a device that contains retractable charging cords. Other great client appreciation gifts that fall in this category include a portable speaker (or a speaker just for the shower), a nice phone case or accessory, or some high-quality earbuds. A quick scan through an electronics store website will give you some great ideas.


2. A Charitable Donation

A lot of people have more than they need and dread the holidays because they just end up with more stuff they don’t want. So why not make a donation in your client’s name? It’s a great way to say Thank You while paying your success forward. To make it more personal, you can offer your clients a few choices so they have a say in what cause their name is being associated with.


3. Customized Chocolate

Creating personalized chocolate can come in a few different forms. You can either laser engrave your logo or a message like Thank You onto dark or milk chocolate bar and send them through the mail.


Or you can request a customized shape for the chocolate to come in, or customize the packaging with something that conveys your brand and your business story. The possibilities are endless, and the recipient gets to enjoy something truly delicious.


4. Chocolate Gift Basket/Towers

These are different from your average gift baskets that generally contain items that people only sort of want. Instead, chocolate towers are usually made of several boxes of chocolates and treats that are handcrafted and delicious.


You can also buy these with themed packaging or take the extra step and customize your own packaging. Whatever you choose, this appreciation gift will be hugely appreciated.


5. Experiences

Either tickets to a place (like the zoo or a museum) or a gift card to a restaurant or spa, some people really prefer experiences over things. The gift of an experience is a great idea because people can still have some autonomy over when to use them and who to use them with, so it really is a treat.


6. Anything Local

Now is a great time to help out the local businesses in your area, and both the client recipient and the business will benefit. It’s a great idea to buy gift certificates from boutique shops and locally owned bricks and mortar businesses.


Helping to support the local community speaks volumes about your own brand and business values. This can bode well for your business because it builds community and often people are happy to return the favour.


7. Subscriptions

There are some really great subscription services out there, from monthly “clubs” to audiobook services, and everything in between. Again, you can offer your special clients a choice between a few different options and voila! you will incur the charges. (Be sure to put an end date on this. ie. “Enjoy six months of products/service on us!”)


A subscription gift is something that can be enjoyed and used and won’t sit there gathering dust on the shelf.


8. Hand-Written Card

Ok, this might seem a little underwhelming, but actually something simple and thoughtful like a handwritten note really goes a long way. Of course, this is more than just scribbling a squiggle in lieu of a signature, but actually sitting down and writing a Thank You card that directly addresses your client carries more weight than something meaningless.


And if you want to make it extra special, you can pop a custom engraved chocolate in the envelope, or add the handwritten note to a chocolate tower for the lucky client in your life.



Unique client appreciation gifts don’t have to be that complicated, but they should be thoughtful. If you are having trouble deciding on the right thing, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself before you commit to a gift.


  • Would I be happy if I received this? This simple question might prevent you from a gift-giving error. For example a corporate logo water bottle or something cheap and meaningless that you know you would re-gift if you received it.
  • Can this be enjoyed by everyone? You may find that your first idea of a nice bottle of wine or non-Kosher food might actually not be well-received by some people.
  • Does this gift reflect my business and business values? If you are a small local business, it’s a good idea to support other small local businesses, for example.
  • Would this gift add value to someone’s life? Giving gifts that are truly thoughtful and meaningful doesn’t equal extravagant. Sometimes the best gifts are small and charming, or sweet and delicious.

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