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Fantastic corporate gifts with your logo on chocolate

If you ask any successful business owner how they got to the top, there are usually a few common answers. They started with a great idea, partnered with people they trust, stayed focused, worked incredibly hard, and of course, built relationships.

Relationships are a key ingredient in what make most businesses successful. Cultivating healthy connections between clients, colleagues, employees and partners is going to set a business apart from the rest. Good relationships with suppliers and partners are the foundation for a business to grow and take over the industry! has an article called 10 Simple Steps to Build a $10 Million Business, and guess what? 6 out of 10 of those steps involve relationships with people.

Another huge part of building a business is branding. Telling the story of your company in a concise graphic and few words is an art. Companies pay top dollar to designers while come up with the perfect logo and branding. And if it catches on, it becomes synonymous with the business’ values, products and culture.

A good logo and a successful business become totally interchangeable. You can probably think of a few businesses that convey their brand’s whole “persona” with a simple image.

So what do you get when you take relationship-building and add branding to it? Custom engraved chocolates, of course.

Wait… what?! Well, customized chocolates with the corporate logo engraved into them are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. They bridge the gap, are an ice-breaker, or even just a thoughtful token that shows the client or partner that you have gone the extra mile.

Look for a company that will engrave your corporate logo onto a chocolate, it’s a memorable way to connect with potential clients, new suppliers or interesting new partners. Logo in chocolate is a great way to grab people’s attention.

Think about the trade show circuit. How many trade shows or conferences have you been to in your day? How many times have you wandered through the aisles of a packed conference centre, filling your bag with swag you don’t even want?

Now imagine if someone handed you a delicious chocolate with cool packaging and their company’s logo on it? You are probably going to remember that chocolate, and probably that business, too.

Or imagine when you send out holiday cards at the end of the year, you add a few chocolates to them? Or as a nice gesture to your employees when they arrive at their desk?

There are companies that allow your creativity to run wild. You can order custom engraved chocolate coins, bars, cookies, or come up with the perfect-shaped chocolate.

Edible Business Cards with a Spin

One of our favorite ideas is custom chocolate business cards. Who doesn’t want a new spin on business cards? The world is going paperless, but exchanging digital info can easily get lost.

Well, now you can order custom engraved dark or milk chocolate cards with all the details you want! And what happens when the chocolate is gone. The contact info is preserved on gorgeous packaging .

You are also going to want to invest in some high quality chocolate. What does it say if your logo is engraved onto some chalky sweets that don’t taste like real chocolate? If you want to impress future clients or colleagues, go for the high end Belgian milk or dark chocolate.

Unwrap Something Great

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover, or at least a box of chocolates by its packaging. Take time to consider this crucial elements and order yourself a custom printed box lid or sleeve. You can create custom printed box lids and sleeves, using bold colors. Images are printed in high def with crisp detail that capture your logo or messaging. Come up with an original message or keep it simple, but be sure to keep it classy.

Highly detailed custom belgian chocolate luxury giftGo the Extra Mile

Maybe you want to take it up a notch and do something special for the relationships that have propelled you along or those suppliers that came through in a pinch. It can be hard to find just the right gift for these relationships — you want it to be personal but not too personal.

A chocolate box tower or gift basket (that includes two to three boxes of chocolates), a chocolate ensemble or a chocolate gift basket that has an assortment of high quality and delicious treats is a great way to show appreciation. And of course, you can custom engrave elements of these, too, and have them delivered directly to the person you want to impress.

Stand Apart!

Let’s face it, it can be tough to get a business off the ground, no matter the budget or the brilliant idea. It’s just tough out there, and markets are saturated. But no matter your industry, you have a chance and it helps to do whatever you can to set yourself apart from the rest.

Custom engraved chocolate delicacies are a great way to get noticed in the crowd. And there is a huge range of products you can invest in, from custom chocolate foil-wrapped coins to custom engraved business cards to chocolate towers where the person receiving the gift will get to unwrap box after box.

Lasting impressions

Everything you do while wearing your business hat reflects on the quality of your business. People will make the association in their minds. So go ahead, get creative, indulge in some high quality hand outs and take the risk!

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