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The Best Reasons to Choose Custom Chocolate Boxes

Giving a box of chocolates as a gift has become so commonplace, most don’t think much about it. But we think about chocolate a lot.


When we do think about a box of chocolates, a certain scene from a movie flashes through most of our minds. We see a man in a grey suit on a bench and can probably hear his voice as he delivers the famous line: “My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’”


Who would have thought a humble box of chocolates could become such a deep and meaningful metaphor for a living?


Maybe the reason that it resonates with people so deeply is that a box of chocolates is such a familiar and comforting sight. That’s partly why it makes the perfect gift, and not just during the holidays. Even though it’s a fairly standard gift, it’s still a gratifying one. A box of chocolates checks all the boxes — it is exciting to open, there are mysteries within, it appeals to more than one of the five senses, and it’s interactive — there are a variety of options to choose from so you can plan how you will work your way through them (save the best for last or eat your favorites straight away?!).


A box of chocolates is a beautiful, thoughtful, and share-able gift. And what’s more — chocolate boxes can be customized to take it to the next level.


Let’s talk a bit more about the best reasons to choose custom boxes of chocolates for your next gift-giving venture.


The Tradition of The Box of Chocolates

According to research, the tradition of the box of chocolates or, in earlier forms — a chocolate basket — dates back to around the mid-1850s. That’s when a little start-up you might have heard of called the Cadbury company took advantage of falling import costs and designed, manufactured, and distributed the first box of chocolates. These were the original prototypes for the boxes of chocolates that we know and love today.


The chocolates in a box concept also benefitted from the rising popularity of a nice and humble little holiday called Valentine’s Day. According to Wikipedia, “in 1868, the British chocolate company Cadbury created Fancy Boxes – a decorated box of chocolates – in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day. Boxes of filled chocolates quickly became associated with the holiday as a gift-giving holiday and they started to sell chocolate in attractive patterned boxes.”


So this is how the trend began, and it has evolved so much to become what it is today.


A Box of Chocolates for Any Occasion

The great thing about a box of chocolates is that they are great for both corporate gift-giving, or as a personal present to someone you care about.


4 Reasons You Need For Custom Chocolate Boxes

If you are thinking about getting a box of chocolates as a gift, why not go the extra mile and customize the box?

 You can have a customized box created at a number of different companies, like Totally Chocolate. They have an array of images and models you can choose from to suit the occasion, or you can create your own personalized version with graphics of your choice.


1. Weddings and Personal Events

For weddings, anniversaries, or other more personal events and gatherings like birthdays and showers, you can use a photo of your choosing, or use stock text and images that capture the feelings you want to convey. Since you have to order in bulk (usually 10+), they make great party favors or wedding favors. Imagine the excitement of receiving a gift that has been perfectly customized with an image that marks a meaningful occasion!


2. Memory 

It can be a memory or a throwback photo that adorns the chocolate box packaging. A great idea if you are throwing a party for your wedding anniversary is to use a photo of the original wedding day. Then when you hand out the favors to thank guests for attending, they will have a keepsake and a very lovely one at that. For a birthday party, you can use a photo from childhood, and for a baby shower, you can use a pic of the mom-to-be as a young one. You get the idea. But this way, both the packaging and the contents become a gift. Basically, it’s two gifts in one!


3. For Your Clients

For something a little more business-like, you can opt for pre-designed (but still personalized) images. If this is a Thank You gift, there are endless options to customize the packaging to express your gratitude for your clients and colleagues.


4. Business Branding

Or if your company has customized branding, you can use that to color or colors to customize the box of chocolates. This is a great idea because the gift becomes a marketing tool. Anyone the recipient will share the chocolates with is also going to be exposed to your business and branding. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Make it splashy or keep it simple, use your company’s personal branding and logo, or choose from a pre-existing option. The choices really are endless. If it sounds overwhelming, inquire to see what is the best choice for your needs.


And don’t forget that you can give an assortment of chocolates, too. Everyone has a preference when it comes to chocolate so don’t forget to include an array of milk, dark, and white chocolate options. Sure, you can go to the local big-box store and grab any old box of chocolates off the shelf. They will probably still get eaten. But if you really want to show someone that you have put some thought, time, and energy into the gift, custom-designing the packaging shows that they are worth the effort. Of course, it’s the thought that counts, but why not think big!? You can easily order custom chocolate boxes and customized chocolate online!


So, yes, life might be like a box of chocolates — you do never know what you’re going to get. And if you are the giver of that box of chocolates, why not jazz it up and make it extra amazing so they get something beyond their expectations?

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